IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking
29-31 October 2018 – Paris, France


Dr. Laurent Ciavaglia, Nokia Bell Labs, France

Title: Recent Advances in Network Automation Standards

Abstract: The automation of network management and service delivery is becoming critical. All major industries are rapidly digitizing and automating their businesses, relying on state-of-the-art cloud platforms and connectivity services supporting a similar level of business agility and flexibility. CSP (Communications Service Provider) service delivery and network management automation are thus becoming critical for handling the increase in overall complexity and scale of operations created by the transformation of networks into a programmable, software-driven, service-based architecture. Going forward, unprecedented operational agility will be required to support new business opportunities enabled by technology enablers, such as network slicing. In this talk, we review recent industry initiatives in their quest to the so-called “zero-touch” network management highlighting common enablers for a successful end-to-end automation.

Bio: Laurent Ciavaglia works at Nokia in Paris, France inventing new technologies for networks, turning concepts into real-life innovations. Recently, he is having fun (and some headaches) trying to combine network management and artificial intelligence. Laurent serves as co-chair of the IRTF Network Management Research Group (NRMG), and participates in standardization activities related to network and service automation in IETF and ETSI.
Laurent serves as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE SDN initiative Softwarization newsletter, vice-chair of the IEEE CNOM, and Standards Liaison Officer of the IEEE Emerging Technologies Initiative on Network Intelligence, and regularly in the technical committees of IEEE, ACM and IFIP conferences and journals in the field of network management and network Softwarization. Laurent has co-authored more than 80 publications and holds 35 patents in the field of communication systems.

Drs. Imen Grida Ben Yahia and Joanna Balcerzak, Orange Labs, France

Title: E2E Cognitive Slice Management

Abstract: 5G network slicing could be considered as one of the most important innovations in communications of the decade due to its role in maximizing network resource sharing, optimizing flexibility to meet diverging requirements from diverse vertical businesses and upgrading operational capabilities to offer configurable warranties in Quality of Service (QoS) and/or Quality of Experience (QoE). This will open a significant number of new markets and enable a wide range of demanding, divergent and innovative use cases. The keynote will present latest achievements of the SliceNet Project in term of architecture, information model, use cases, and key orientations.
SliceNet intends to meet the challenging requirements from the management and control planes of network slicing across multiple administrative domains, facilitating early and smooth adoption of 5G slices for verticals to achieve their demanding use cases, and managing the QoE for slice services.

Bio: Imen Grida Ben Yahia is currently with Orange Labs, France, as a Research Project Leader on Autonomic & Cognitive Management and Expert in Future Networks. She is also leading the international initiative within IEEE comsoc on “Network Intelligence”. She received her PhD degree in Telecommunication Networks from Pierre et Marie Curie University in conjunction with Télécom SudParis in 2008. Her current research interests are autonomic and cognitive management for software and programmable networks that include artificial intelligence for SLA and fault management, knowledge and abstraction for management operations, intent- and policy-based management. She contributed to several European research projects like Servery, FP7 UniverSelf, the H2020 CogNet and currently the 5G SliceNet.

Bio: Joanna Balcerzak works for Orange Labs in France, as an E2E architect in QoS domain and project manager in interoperability domain. Joanna received her M.Sc. , Eng. degree in Computer Science. She is Orange delegate in ETSI TC INT. She is also contributing to NGMN via the 5GTTI (5G Trial & Testing Initiative). Joanna authored several papers in QoS and QoE domains.

Dr. Howard Benn, Samsung Electronics R&D Institute, United Kingdom

Title: 5G reality and future vision

Abstract: 5G mmWave has been talked about for a few years now, 3GPP have completed their first release (Rel-15) of the specifications. Samsung is at the heart of these developments, and is moving from trial phase to commercial deployment. This presentation will cover our recent development and trial activities, with a focus on both the successes and the challenges we have faced so far, and those we predict will challenge the industry. It will cover a range of technologies from beam forming on the air interface, to networking virtualisation, and touch on the opportunities in the emerging technologies such as AI.

Bio: Howard started his career in the fixed telecommunication sector (Plessey) back in 1982, did his degree and PhD at Bradford University, moving into radio based communications in 1989. He started working in ETSI GSM standards committees in 1993, helping create 3GPP and chairing 3GPP RAN 4 from 1998 to 2007. He has been a board member of ETSI since 2008, a member of the ICANN Nomcom in 2013 currently advising the ICANN board on mobile technology, and a member of the Strategy Advisory Board for the UK 5G innovation centre at Surrey University. His current role is “Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs” for Samsung Electronics R&D Institute in the UK, managing a team of engineers covering ETSI, 3GPP, ATSC, GSMA. His team is also very active in the EU Horizon 2020 program with a focus on the 5G PPP activities. He also sits on the UK government advisory committee looking at the future of communications technology in the UK.

Dr. Xavier Costa Perez, NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany

Title: Overbooking 5G Network Slices through Revenue-driven Orchestration

Abstract: Network slicing allows mobile operators to offer, via proper abstractions, infrastructure resources (radio, networking, computing) to vertical sectors traditionally alien to the telco industry (e.g., automotive, health, construction). Owning to similar business nature, in this talk we review revenue management models successful in other industries (e.g. airlines, hotels, etc.) and explore the concept of slice overbooking to maximize the revenue of infrastructure providers. Hierarchical control plane solutions will be considered to manage the orchestration of end-to-end-slices in a revenue-driven manner. Then, some early implementations of proof-of-concepts will be reviewed to evaluate the overbooking gains potential. Finally, we will illustrate how such an overbooking solution can be used in 5G deployment scenarios comprising industry verticals.

Bio: Xavier Costa-Pérez is Head of 5G Networks R&D and Deputy General Manager of the Security & Networking R&D Division at NEC Laboratories Europe. His team contributes to products roadmap evolution as well as to European Commission R&D collaborative projects and received several awards for successful technology transfers. In addition, the team contributes to related standardization bodies: 3GPP, ETSI NFV, ETSI MEC, IETF and OPNFV. Xavier is a 5GPPP Technology Board member and the Technical Manager of the 5G-Transformer project. He has served on the Program Committees of several conferences (including IEEE Greencom, WCNC, and INFOCOM), published at top research venues and holds several patents. He received both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona and was the recipient of a national award for his Ph.D. thesis.

Dr. Ari Pouttu, University of Oulu, Finland

Title: 6Genesis – Taking the first steps towards 6G

Abstract: This talk will touch the first steps towards 6G by introducing the actions of recently awarded 8 year 6Genesis flagship. The long-term objective of the Academy of Finland funded 6Genesis Flagship is to develop the fundamental technology components needed for 6G systems. The general goals for this Flagship are: 1) to support companies in finalisation of the 5G standard by carrying out technology and system pilots; 2) to develop the fundamental technology components to enable 6G systems; and 3) to speed up the dependable, robust and secure digitalisation of society via 5G and 6G. To achieve those, the Flagship will:

  • Implement large-scale technology pilots for selected vertical applications by capitalising on the 5G Test Network and further developing its technologies and infrastructure towards 6G;
  • Develop the fundamental theoretical foundations of low-latency and/or high-reliability communications and networking with decreasing energy consumption per transmitted bit and develop related RAN concepts, radio frequency (RF) and baseband (BB) implementations, intelligent networking and distributed computing solutions relevant for 6G;
  • Develop intelligent 6G service architecture and co-create vertical demonstrators with Flagship ecosystem atop the existing 5G Test Network and future 6G Test Network;
  • Implement the key building blocks needed to upgrade the proof-of-concept (PoC) devices and test network to meet the requirements for 6G development.

Bio: Prof. Ari Pouttu has scientific and engineering experience as a researcher, project manager and research manager in fields such as synchronization, interference suppression, coding, and modulation designs in spread spectrum and multicarrier systems. The projects under his command have resulted waveforms and system designs for military radio communication, radar systems, embedded device networks, future wireless radio communications including cellular systems, cognitive networks and navigation applications. He has also been involved with architecture design for Finnish Software Radio including adaptive antennas and related algorithms. He has published more than 60 conference or journal papers in the field of wireless communications and he holds two patents. He was the Director of Centre for Wireless Communications in the University of Oulu from 2006 to 2012. Currently he is heading as a professor a research group targeting dependable wireless solutions for business verticals including solutions for 5G. He is the PI of 5GTN experimental research, co-PI of H2020 Sat5G project and is acting as collaborative projects leader in national 6Genesis flagship targeting 6G solutions.